Hosting the Major League Baseball All Star Game is a great Public Relations coup for any city, especially one like Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser, the DC Mayor recently vowed to make the event a huge success:

“We know that to make great events happen, we need the support of the city,” the mayor said. “We have committed to support this game in our town. … You should all know, the fans should all know, we know how to do big events. I don’t have to tell you, we host all the special, national security events in the nation. We most recently welcomed the Pope, had a million women, you name it.”

The announcement came on the day Baseball Commissioner Ron Manfred unveiled the new logo for the Mid-Summer classic. The full report can be read in The Washington Times article. It is expected that the event will generate anywhere from $40-$65 million dollars in revenue for the area.